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Water Aerobics exercise

Start your water aerobics routine with a few minutes of simple water walking to warm up. Begin with slow strides in waist-high water, walking back and forth while swinging your arms. Tighten your abdominal muscles, keep your back straight and walk with your feet flat against the pool floor. Tips Keep your knees soft when performing your water aerobics exercises. Play music during your workout to keep your workout pace quick and rhythmic. Walk in place after your workout to allow your heartbeat to return to normal. Hold a pool noodle above your head as you march across the pool to add an upper body workout. Use both your arms and legs. Make use of all four of your limbs with your body upright (vertical). If you turn your body horizontal and start kicking with your legs and paddling with your feet, you'll start swimming, not treading water. Keep your head up and your breathing normal.