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Side Plank (Modified)

Starting Position: Lie on your right side on an exercise mat with your legs straight and the left leg stacked directly on top of the right. Bend the right elbow and place it directly under your shoulder. Bend your right knee to about 90 degrees. The left leg stays straight with the side of your left foot resting on the mat. Align your head with your spine. Upward Phase: Exhale, keep the abdominals engaged to brace the spine. Your head should be aligned with your spine and your right elbow should stay directly under your shoulder. With the abdominals engaged, raise your torso off the mat, coming to support yourself on your right forearm. Your hips and right knee are in contact with the exercise mat. *Lowering Phase: Inhale and gently return yourself to your starting position. After a prescribed number of repetitions, repeat on the other side.