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Kick Boxing Training Banashankari,Bangalore

Martial art form like kick boxing has not so popular even with its effectiveness to burning fat and safety measures. Origin of kickboxing hails from Asia back in medieval period but popularized only since 1970’s. With highly recommended place Power Blitz has succeeded credits for being one of the top gyms. Kick boxing is not only a full body workout that enables individual to burn least 500 calories in just one hour but also is excellent self-defense weapon. As with kick boxing we preparing students in forms of self-defense such as punching, attacking, defending opponent. In this program you get your arms, abs, shoulders worked burning maximum calories. Kick boxing sets out boredom away and termed as fun workouts that actually could be life savior. The different types of techniques that involves kick-boxing are jabs, cross, hook, uppercut, front kick, side kick and round house kick. Each of these are done standing feet fixed to ground, palms facing each other.

Types of kicks:In any type of kick boxing form trainee is taught to target an imaginary spot like nose in some case, ear, chest, chin, cheek or any part of the body

  • Jab: In this type of kick boxing with nose as imaginary spot trainee keeps right leg front, right arm front and punches first straight as if punching the opponents nose. These are quick ones so trainees practice fast keeping the body in control form.

  • Cross: In this type of kick boxing target remains same as jabs to place a quick punch keeping your right leg front and left arm cross. Since use of hip is employed in order to punch from left arm it usually gets more powerful.

  • Hook: The imaginary target is either ear or cheek punching in circular action.

  • Uppercut: While your fist faces the ceiling you punch in upward thrust

  • Front kick: This kick has maximum muscle movement where opponent knee, groin and chest target. Front kick drives the punch from leg resulting in much force

  • Round house kick: Targets are knee, Oblique till head

  • Side kick: Most powerful form of kick as it releases high energy from glutes
    Kick boxing is gaining popularity with its safety and security benefits especially with women these days. With regular practice of we can maximize calories burning and fight world weariness. considered important particularly for women for their safety and security.

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