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Kalaripayattu Training Banashankari,Bangalore

Kalaripayattu martial art from god’s own country Kerala that is performed from 500 years. This brilliant art form performed with perfect coordination of controlled body and mind. Without any restriction anybody falling under any age group could learn this type of combat. Fundamentals of this art is swiftly moving different body parts like hands, feet, elbow, knee and head. Daily practice of kalaripayattu enhances lung function. Kalaripayattu together with involvement of breathing exercises like yoga influence in the increased lung volumes and flow rates.

Exceling the art of kalaripayattu with different Category with simple stick and body parts. Of which few basic ones are listed below:

  • Maithari (Physical Exercise Category) Kalari exercises begins with 16 different leg exercises. Trainees learns to stay on toes and maintain balance and keep focus through practice. When performed leg exercises the muscle stretches activating the parts improving the performance. The exercise is done from east to west direction and reverse with instructor’s command. Another form of physical exercise that incorporates all categories of body exercises. This type of exercise has enormous benefits strength and flexibility. The actions require continuous flow of energy that could be using pranayam. Through these exercises, the body becomes like arms and he is now capable of excelling in the use of the Kalaripayattu weapons also.
  • Kolthari (Wooden Weapon Category) As name itself suggests, this type of exercise is using a 5 to 6 feet long stick. Stick acts as self-defense tool that enhances ability to move body.

  • Verumkkai (Unarmed Combat Category) Verunkai involves using bare hands for a combat. Again a self-defense technique using no weapon but could include usage of cloth and rope. In this type of exercise main features are locks and blows. Largely this type of exercise enables one to be prepared for unarmed moments and teaches to attack the nervous system.

  • With the regular practice of such combat forms mainly builds you with swift action, maximum flexibility and finally get body the ability to twist and turn in whichever way possible.

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