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Heavy Weight Lifting Training

Heavy Weight Lifting Training Banashankari,Bangalore

Just as one glove doesn't fit all, you cannot follow the same weight lifting program as the guy lifting next to you. Your own weight lifting program needs to be tailored to your specific goals. PowerBlitz gives you detailed weight lifting programs, based on the SMART principles. It covers four types of training goals:

  • Increasing muscle tone and muscular endurance.
  • Increasing muscle size.
  • Increasing maximum strength.
  • Sports-specific training.
Within each weight lifting program it sets out your aims, the principles of progression that apply to that weight lifting program and your workout framework. Each workout details the exercises, sets, repetitions, workout frequency and duration and training tempo. This article also divides your weight lifting program into training cycles (periodization) to enable you to make continual gains throughout each year. So, wheather you want to gain muscle size or improve your performance in a particular sport, this article gives you all the tools to achieve your goal.

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