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Hammer & Tyre Training

Hammer & Tyre Training Banashankari,Bangalore

It is also possible to improve your overall strength by using tractor tyres. Basic tyres flips, where you lift the tyre and turn it over using your hands and arms, are excellent exercises. They improve your functional strength and endurance, which is very useful for anyone who plays contact sports.

As well as basic tyre flips, fitness enthusiasts can also do an exercise known as ‘farmer walks’. This exercise begins with you standing in the circle in the centre of the tyre. You should pick up the tyre with your hands facing outward, and then try and walk as many steps as possible.

This will help with your grip strength and mental endurance. If you are feeling angry, however, there is one tyre exercise that can really burn off frustration. All you need, in addition to the tyre, is a sledgehammer.

Battering the tyre with the sledgehammer repeatedly is actually a great workout. If you swing the hammer like a baseball bat or a golf club, then you can work your abs as well as your upper body. Attaching the tyre to your body with chains or ropes, and then dragging it as if it were a sled, is another great strength exercise.

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