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Gymnastics Training Banashankari,Bangalore

When the physical objective is to get your body stronger, flexible, balanced and controlled movement then join gymnastics. Before we get to the actual performance of gymnastics we need to learn the basic skills. As they form the building blocks of many different forms. Some the basic skills are handstand, Cast, split, handspring on vault & back, round off, turn on 1 foot, split leap and Tap swing on Bars.

Gymnastics puts huge pressure on the body making it highly focus on planned workouts with our goals. Which get us first to Strength training that requires investing hours of practice. Next comes resistance exercise to maintain fat and not to the extent of damaging muscle tissue.

Let us know how to learn some very basic gymnastics skills to performs high level acrobatic skills:

Start with practicing maximum pushups with interval and changing different positions to make the muscles hard.

By setting yourself in table position keep hands and feet over ground making pelvis face the ceiling. Stretch pelvis vertically as much as possible squeezing your back, then twist elbows till 90-degree angle. Repetition with two sets of this exercise include intervals Lie on your back and arms straight over head. Straighten your legs along and lift them about four inches above ground. Swiftly spike up till you reach toes simultaneously balancing tailbone and lower back. Keep your body hollow, and repeat for 2 sets.

Get into plank position and hold it there for 30 seconds. Now start tilting towards right while you maintain straight body till balancing on one hand and feet fixed. Now wait there for 30 seconds and return to plank position. Repeat this position for 2 sets.

Lie down on your back and hands behind head and legs together pointing ceiling straight. Slowly legs toward the floor till lower back leaves floor, then raise legs up. Repeat maximum counts.

Sit straight with hands on floor next to hips. Hollow your body lift your body pushing through while legs straight. Hang in there as long as possible.

Stand up take a one leg distance forward. Spring back to the original state, continue for two set. Repeat the same on the other side.

Stand on feet keeping shoulder-width apart. Bend knees and back lower towards ground, then slowly come up. Practice atleast for 30 times. Rest for a while and repeat After every workout session make sure you complete with compulsory 30 minutes cardio session as it burns maximum number of calories.

Handstand: A handstand is the action to keep body stable vertically on hands with support of body. There are different ways to do handstand first basic handstand the body is held on both hands on ground and legs facing the ceiling, which can be moved to doing the same exercise on one hand on each side. Basic idea is to tighten muscles and extreme leg pull.

Cast: Cast second basic acrobat with bar element. Body stands still in hollow body shape. The position same as that in handstand only difference is back rounded a little pulling stomach towards spine.

Split: Side and middle splits useful when performing other skills. These splits need control over lower body that’s is landed on the grounded.

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