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Film Stunts Training

Film Stunts Training Banashankari,Bangalore

Any type of exercise that gets the body moving and benefits its functioning termed as workout.

Film stunts are a type of physical feat that require special skills treats visually mainly for artists in television, theatre and cinema. Basic fundamentals include body control, fights & reactions, falls & wrecks, at work with vehicles etc. It’s necessary to build on network, reputation and training to become a professional stunt man.

Practical Stunts:
Stage fight is most commonly used practical stunts. It’s often performed on stage without any physical contact, but there are few forms like arm fighting, martial arts, and acrobatics where physical contact is needed. Stunt performances are mostly choreographed and requires disciplined rehearsing for hours to couple of days before actual performance. Experts generally make sure they are well rehearsed as the injury or accidental incidents are at high rate. Some of the practical stunts are tripping and falling down, high jumps, acrobatics and martial arts stunts .

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