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Calisthenics Training Banashankari,Bangalore

Calisthenics also called body weight training or the anywhere workout. Calisthenics is nothing but working out your body weight to get a fitter more flexible and strong body without any electronic equipment nor weights. Hence your body weight is your creative tool which needs to be employed in order to have fun in way of attaining fitness. Calisthenics is traditional type of workouts that are practiced typically when we are travelling or holidaying. These workouts either use a parallel bar, pull ups bars or neither of it. The most important movements are climb, sprint, crawl and jump. Some of the calisthenics work outs are squats, pushups, dips, lunges, chin-ups, hamstrings etc. No matter what workout you chose its always advisable to begin with learning the moves with lower resistance. Gradually challenge your body with more variations. So we can divide these workouts based on for

Beginner calisthenics:

  • For beginners can start with doing each of eight variations mentioned below for three cycles with thirty seconds rest period between workouts. Ten pull ups, chin ups, twenty dips, twenty-five jump squats, twenty pushups, fifty crunches, ten burbees and lastly thirty second rope jumping.

  • Intermediate calisthenics: As it gets advanced the rest period reduces to five seconds for each of next eight workouts. Workouts are five muscle ups, fifty pushups, twenty-five jump squats, fifteen burbees, fifteen pull ups, one-minute leg flutters, ten pull ups thirty second sprint.

  • Advanced calisthenics: Here we perform one cycle of circuit workout without any rest in between exercise. In advanced calisthenics there ten variations with every exercise practiced for thirty seconds long. Start with handstand, jump squats, wall pushups, kick up pushups, squat position move side to side, dips, jumping lunges, hop and pull ups.

  • Extreme Athlete calisthenics circuit workout: with three cycles of circuit exercise and thirty second rest in between exercises and no rest between cycle in these eight exercise. That are ten second back lever hold, seven second flag hold, five second front lever hold, fifteen second bent arm planche hold, thirty second handstand hold, three very slow muscle ups, ten slow dips and pull up hold position for thirty second.

  • These are not only result oriented workout but also have fun associated with it. Two golden rule before any heavy workout training first warm up session to prevent injuries and secondly try and minimize time between the exercises. Always make sure rest before starting another set of exercise

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