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Battle Tires Training

Battle Tires Training Banashankari,Bangalore

Tires are more than to do with just make cars movement. Tire training is a whole body workout requiring high strength from each and every muscle. The battle tire also well known as heavy tire workout by simply using a tough piece of equipment. It also a way to challenge your strength with many of workout variations flipping a tire is king of all exercises since it is toughest physical activity among any of the gym workouts where you can find heart pounding out your shirt with such intensity of the activity. Deciding on the weight of tire, for men a tire weighing around 300 to 500 pounds gives high gear, and women can choose a 100- 250 pounds. How is it done? With help of straight back while maintain your spine in neutral position force your thoracic extension maintain at this position and try to flip the tire on the opposite side. Repetition is ideally advised based on individual strength; most prevalent practice is fifteen flips in a min. Practice for 10 minutes with minimum rest. These types of exercises though take just ten to twenty minutes with maximum output with strength, speed, agility and to maintain body size.

The tire can be used up for loads of variants lets discuss in detail:

  • Tire Jumps: Let the tire on the ground stretch feet wide apart. Squat down a little and jump into the air and land both feet on the tire. You will feel the impact when you land on the tire. These jumps are useful to improve speed running and height vertical jump. speed
  • Triceps Dip: Keeping tire at your back, place your palms on the tire with arms fully extended. Now like we do in bench dip, bend elbow for 90- degree to slowly lower the body to touch the ground return back to straight arm. Repeat for 25 sit ups. This workout for your triceps.speed
  • Decline Push-ups: Keep your palms on the floor and feet on the tire behind you. Now lower upper body by maintain the whole body straight. This workout your upper, lower and core pectoral muscles. speed
  • Lateral Jumps: Stand straight on the tire and jump vertically parallel to it. This type of exercise builds agility and gives power to lower body speed.
  • Toe Touch: Move your left knee up to place the toe on tire and return back on the ground. Now repeat it by keeping the right knee up and toe on the tire. Exchange feet as quickly as possible. The exercise help flexibility over hips and speed.speed
  • Step ups:Drive you left foot on the tire and step up to return to ground now keep the right foot on the tire and repeat. This is best leg and hip exercise to increase speed

No doubt heavy weight tire workouts are seamless way to build perfect body and improve performance. Most importantly get proper programming and training before getting you it to avoid any injuries related. Two golden rule before any heavy workout training first warm up session to prevent injuries and secondly try and minimize time between the exercises. Always make sure rest before starting another set of exercise.

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